Starting an Edmodo learning journey

Having recently taken on a new job and a new responsibility, Head of KS5 English, I wasn’t sure if learning a new VLE was the right plan for me. However, the enthusiasm of the vice principal and reassurances of my head of department had me typing in a new website address. 

I’ve never been scared of technology and have embraced it in my classroom & teaching, but know that it takes a while to learn at first. Starting a job like this in April meant that time was a very valuable commodity! But I was convinced to find some time and space on my To do list by the promise of assignment setting,  discussion forums & document uploading all in one place

Once I set up my Edmodo account, I found it really quick and easy to set up my relevant groups: Y12 Lit; Y13 Lit; Y12 Lang & Y13 Lang. My biggest worry now was how would the cool & hard to engage Y12 language students take to it?

I needn’t have worried – they loved it! 

My two pieces of advice for your first venture on to Edmodo would be to find at least 30mins (I know it’s hard) and log on. It’s an easy to follow process and there’s very little to get wrong. Secondly,  give students the time to explore the site. They are children of a technological era and want to set up profile pics, profile info etc like with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. And resist the urge to tell them off about their initial silly postings, they’re just exploring what they can do on the site, but do set them clear boundaries. (See the pic for my guinea pig class’ Edmodo debut!) Also, introduce them to it through immediate use.Image

Now the Edmodo seal is broken in my teaching I’m moving on to Y12 lit and promoting its use as a discussion and research/resource sharing tool for coursework and setting Y13 a summer assignment on Edmodo.